Wise words from a decent young man

"it is not my responsibility to petition anyone to love me and to fight for me. In both my romantic and platonic relationships, I have learned how to stand still even when people I want in my life are walking away and all I can see are images of their backs getting smaller as they move further away.”

 ”I remembered that no matter the smile, the open communication, the love you see and feel, some of the most loving people are capable of hurting you.”

"if I’m not truthful with myself about the state of my own heart, like my former lover, I may end up making the worst mistakes with the best intentions when it comes to love."

-DYMIR (via mused magazine online)


Out now in Alldayeveryday featuring Jorge Wright. Shot by Evan Schreiber



After reading the “Date A Girl Who Reads” article, I knew someone out there would have written a response with “Date A Girl Who Writes”. Thus, here it is. I wish I knew who to credit for this, but I couldn’t find a name.


Date a girl who writes because she will be able to recall in detail the…


Ronyca - Williamsburg, NY.

by Emmanuel Afolabi