"I’m afraid that I’m destructive. Because if I have something good, I feel compelled to destroy it.” - Bette Porter
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I fucked up. I did not fuck off. I did not leave; I am still here.
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Lenny Kravitz - The Chamber (directed by Anthony Mandler)




Lenny Kravitz :: The Chamber (2014) (x)

If you ever had eye contact with is man, you would never be the same. Lol

Shiiiit I wish

He has THOSE eyes.

You know the ones I mean.

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Street Etiquette interview with ARISE TV (360)

We finally got the chance to sit down for a television interview this past week. It’s surreal to see how far the internet, and a strong message can bring you in life, especially when you stick to your guns.

We receive a lot of questions in our inbox questioning exactly what our titles are, and what do we do in particular. Hopefully this video helps a bit to understand our world, but at the same time how possible it is for anyone to do the same with their own craft. 

Thanks to Arise for inviting us on the show.


From the Bronx to Television.

Josh & Trav of Street Etiquette on Arise TV